Thursday, May 13, 2021

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 Stunned, Gretel could only curtsy.  "If you please, ma’am,” she said, as sweetly as she could. “There was so much candy on your house.  And we are so hungry!”

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“You have that right, MY house!" snapped the witch.  Her voice dropped.  "Well then,” said the witch in a gentler tone, “come inside.  I'll get something for you to eat.”

Hansel and Gretel looked at each other in delight.  They skipped into the witch’s hut.

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A fine meal of soup and bread.  As they licked the last crust of bread and looked around the hut, what the brother and sister saw made their hearts turn cold.  Piles and piles of bones in the corners!  Yet the two children were very tired, and so they slept.

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The next morning when they woke, Hansel found himself locked in a cage.  The witch roared, “That's where your brother will stay!  Every day I will fatten him up.  Soon he will make me a fine dinner!”  She laughed and laughed, rubbing her hands with glee. “Till then,” she said sharply to Gretel, “you will work for me.”

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