Thursday, May 13, 2021

Dosti Shayari

But alas!  They looked and looked for any sign of something to eat - an apple tree, pear tree, some nuts on the ground, or even dried-up berries.  There was nothing to eat!  They got hungrier and hungrier. At last, poor Hansel and Gretel knew they must return to their hut or they would surely starve. 

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They would just need to find the breadcrumbs and that would lead them home.   Yet when they looked for breadcrumbs, there were none to be found - all the breadcrumbs were gone! 

A bird whooshed up into the air and in its beak was a large crumb.  

Dosti Shayari

Hansel and Gretel were struck with grief – the birds must have taken all their breadcrumbs!  A wolf howled in the distance.  The sun was setting.  Hansel and Gretel were lost and hungry.  Now they were scared, too.

Gretel,” whispered Hansel in fear, “what will we do?”  

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She did not know what to say. All she could do was to hug her little brother. Each minute it was getting darker and darker. Again, a wolf howled in the distance. 

All of a sudden, Gretel saw a small light shining far away.  Could it be someone's hut this deep in the woods?  “We must find out!” cried Gretel.  “Maybe whoever lives there is kind and will take us in.”

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The two children sped as fast as they could to the light.

When they got closer, they could not believe their eyes!  If you can imagine – from top to bottom the hut was made all of candy!  From its gingerbread roof, with frosting all over the walls, and with candies tucked into the frosting, what a sight to see!

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“Gretel!”  Hansel cried out.  Before Gretel could say: “I bet it will be okay if we have just a little taste,” both of them were already biting off small chunks and licking the sweet candy.

A sharp voice!– “WHO is nibbling on my house?” Hansel and Gretel spun around.  An old witch!

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